We enable
founders, VCs, you
to build high-performing teams.

The Gottman Initiative: designed for entrepreneurs - supported by VCs and research.

We're proud to work with a diverse range of partners. Our full list of exciting partners will be released end of August 2024. Here is a sneak peek for you:

Three-step process allows you to easily participate in the initiative, enabling you to get instant rewards and increase your team performance in the long-term.

Sign Up

Sign up for our waitlists and provide first information about you, your co-founder and your startup. It will only take 2 minutes.


We will drop you a line after your sign-up. Join one of our 60 min lab sessions in Munich (preferred) or other cities together with your co-founder - your team behavior will be tested.


Get instant rewards and benefit from long-term benefits by getting dedicated perks e.g. from the Technical University of Munich.

How it works

We strive to unleash the full potential of your founding team.

On-site session: Together we'll find a suitable time slot to invite you and your co-founder to our lab facilities in Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin or Frankfurt. The session will last not more than 60 min and will be conducted fully in German. Participate now.

Continuous analytics: During these 60 min, we measure, e.g., your heart pressure and feed it into your analytics tool. This on-site measurement will be the basis for further analyses of your team performance - we'll follow-up with short emails every 3 months.

Instant benefits: Alongside an instant personality screening, during the next 2 years you'll get access to our benefits, e.g., to promote your startup to a wide audience of top talents at selected universities. No further strings attached.

What's in for everyone?

Instant rewards, long-term benefits

We accompany your startup journey the next 2 years. You join one of our 60 min lab sessions - in return you'll receive instant and long term rewards. Overall, we strive to improve the entrepreneurial team performance.

Be more founder-centric

Step up your game, get insights how to screen aspiring founders more systematically from a team dynamics perspective and thus increase team performance across your portfolio. Be at the forefront of the founder-centric VCs.

Support your ecosystem

Join the initiative to support your local startup ecosystem, offering not only short term rewards to your startups but also long term perks to improve entrepreneurial team performance. Start spreading the word.