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The Gottman Initiative: Join the hybrid entrepreneurship initiative across ecosystems. Benefit from an aggregated view on entrepreneurship with our TUM Entrepreneurship Guide.

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Here you can find frequently asked questions, to gain a deeper understanding of The Gottman Initiative.

What is The Gottman Initiative?

The Gottman Initiative is a hybrid layer across entrepreneurship offerings of entrepreneurial ecosystems at university. Your benefit: The TUM Entrepreneurship Guide gives you an aggregated overview on everything that matters when it comes to entrepreneurship at TUM.

How can I benefit from The Gottman Initiative? 

Simply register to get an up-to-date overview about entrepreneurship and get access to our TUM Entrepreneurship Guide. In case you've already founded a start-up, you can join our 2-year program for co-founders.

What are the next steps after having registered?

The Gottman Initiative and our TUM Entrepreneurship Guide are open to your contributions. In case you want to share anything or want to support us, reach out to the team with your proposal.

What's the genesis of The Gottman Initiative?

The Gottman Initiative, initially a small initiative only accessible to Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM) and TUM start-ups, is set to support co-founders but also you as students.

Who do you already cooperate with?

We work together with a wide set of partners. This includes universities, venture capital firms, and start-ups. More than 150 founders are already part of The Gottman Initiative. Your contributions make the TUM Entrepreneurship Guide a dynamic, up-to-date and living knowledge base.

Exciting idea! How can I bring the TUM Entrepreneurship Guide to another university ecosystem or to my student initiative?

Reach out to us! There are so many opportunities ahead.